Fall Furs for Every Occassion

Somehow its already Fall, even though it doesn’t feel like it (I am currently in 80-degree weather.) But we all know that the best thing about Fall is not pumpkin spice lattes, it's FASHION. New lines are coming out and everyone is breaking out their layers. I personally love the cold and with that comes boots, sweaters, and jackets. ESPECIALLY jackets! They are the glue that completes an amazing outfit, and now fur coats are all we can talk about (don’t worry, they're vegan.)

Let me tell you something about fur coats- when you put one on, you instantly feel fabulous. It makes you want to get your oversized sunnies and strut your stuff down the sidewalk in your highest heels.  You can feel the soft fur against your skin and just know- this is where it’s at. With so many options of furs, have no doubt you'll find something out there that's the perfect look for you.