Just Black Denim

The cold is among us and that means we have to start wearing pants again (at least most of the time). One of my favorite brands is Just Black Denim. They are so comfy, cute AND doesn’t cost your first-born child. When I look for jeans the top things I look for are quality, style, fit and price. Quality is always a big deal for me because these jeans will probably be in my closet for a while so I need them to last. For me, I always try to find a style that is versatile for all outfits. Right now, I am in LOVE with the frayed bottom trend because it is so easy to dress up or down, and it adds such an edge to your style. Then there is FIT, unless you’re a super model all jeans do not fit the same, this is not sisterhood of the traveling pants. Just Black Denim is so amazing because they don’t just make your butt look nice, they are stretchy so they don’t cut off your circulation. Cause let’s be honest who likes the feeling of stiff denim, but we need a happy median between jeggings and real jeans. And finally, there is price. I would love to spend $200 jeans all the time but that’s just not realistic for a lot of people. Luckily with this brand I can have everything I want with no compromises. So bottoms up to those jeans that make any day feel better once you get up and slip them on K|LA Babes.